This is a note to announce that I am closing the ‘spiritual services’ side of things down at this time to allow me to focus on my primary work of making talismanic jewelry. Many thanks to those who trusted me to do work for/with them, it was a compete honor to do so.


Throughout history spiritual-magical practice has rarely existed in a vacuum. The tribal shaman, the village cunning man, and the sorcerer has largely worked to provide specialist service to his or her community.

Magic, blessing, devotion

Prayer, spells, devotional work, blessings- all names for something not easily definable from a purely rational perspective. Our experience of life is both highly personal and highly mutable. The same is true for our experience and vision of Spirit. While I believe we have something akin to a destiny, fate, or even better ‘wyrd’ – a path & direction we are on that was set when we began this life – we have a degree of control or influence on it beyond the purely physical and obvious choices. Where we may only perceive a choice of right or left turns, there are in actuality myriad directions and doors available that are not so clear- or perhaps not yet manifest. The work of magic, sorcery, and at least some forms of prayer is in part to open doors, to find new pathways, to increase the available options to us in a given moment. My ‘job’ as I see it is to work with you to create the changes you need or desire in your circumstance, be they external or internal.

The best way I can describe what I do is that I connect to ‘my people’- the spirits, ancestors, and deities that I work with- and ask them to connect to ‘your people’. That bridge then allows me to effectively work on your behalf. Hands on, what I actually do shares much common with diverse folk magical paths, spiritual systems, and magical traditions. I use the highest grade materia at every step, from 100% beeswax candles to herbs and oils sourced from the very best available. My influences are wide ranging, from all directions of the compass. My path, while informed by these influences, is highly personal, and I consider myself largely ‘spirit taught’. I have learned a way that works for me, and that is what I do!

Please note that all of the services listed here and their descriptions are guidelines- if you are seeking something that doesn’t seem to fit in any of the categories, please contact me to discuss your particular situation.


Aidan Wachter, 2015